” Truth And Lies “

What Is Real?

The Laws Of Attraction, Picture Of A Mystical Water Drop

The Laws of Attraction have gotten a great deal of media focus in past years. Thanks for the most part, to the Book “The Secret” and the following surge of print media, internet coverage and television, nearly everyone in the western world has heard the expression “Laws of Attraction”. Many people, nonetheless, have picked up partial or incomplete information here and there and don’t actually have a sound comprehension of how the laws work.

Unfortunately this has brought about an extensive misinterpretation of how the Laws of Attraction really work. Many people feel a deep truth when they are told that they “Create Their Own Reality”. It resonates with them. Nonetheless, they sometimes very quickly become discouraged when they’re subjected to incomplete information and misconceptions, and can’t seem to start the creation process. They recognize that there’s something to The Laws Of Attraction, they can sense it; but they just don’t understand how to utilize it yet.

This section was produced to highlight many of the myths the Laws of Attraction have stirred up and bring some understanding back to the topic.

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 The Laws of Attraction Are Not Magical

The Laws Of Attraction, Picture Of A Women reading a Magic Book

The Laws of Attraction proponents will inform you that all you have to do is “Think Positively” and the things you desire will just appear. Clearly this is incorrect, given that things like cars houses and cash don’t just materialize out of thin air. Nobody with a accurate comprehension of the Laws of Attraction will ever claim that if you just think positive thoughts, a mansion and a billion dollars will just fall out of the heavens right in front of you. This is usually a statement used by individuals who claim that the Laws of Attraction are a scam. Nevertheless the statement isn’t true. This is not how the Laws of Attraction operate at all. The Laws of Attraction don’t just drop stuff in your lap. They bring for you “Synchronicities” with just the right people at the right time, incredible ideas and coincidences. It’s your job to pay attention and look for these synchronistic happenings. And “THAT RIGHT THERE” is one of the biggest keys to harnessing the astounding power of the laws of attraction, Pay Attention to everything. Success can be hidden in the small details and if you stop paying attention you’ll miss them.

For illustration, say you’d like to manifest a condo. The Laws of Attraction give you an insight to walk through a particular neighbourhood that you don’t ordinarily walk through. You see a apartment with a For Sale sign out the front. The place looks awesome, except you’re positive it’s totally out of your price range. You make the decision to stop and knock on the door regardless. It eventuates the home owners are a beautiful couple who are moving to England in a couple of weeks. Strangely you feel like you’ve been friends forever and they offer you a massively discounted price because they feel that they really want you to live there. So, you get the perfect place at a price you’re able to afford, in a situation that you never thought possible. Did it drop right into your lap?  No. “You Paid Attention” and followed the instincts and signals the Laws where delivering. This is how the Laws of Attraction bring you things. It finds whatever you’re searching for and brings together a series of perfect events, insights and clues. You Must Pay Attention To Manifest.



The Laws Of Attraction, Picture Of A Women's Eyes Looking Up

The Laws of Attraction are not only just about visualization. You can’t just stare at the things you want and expect them to appear like magic. Visualization can be a valuable instrument you use to train yourself to create what you desire. It isn’t the visualization that produces, though. You manifest through the signals you tune into. Visualization can assist you to reprogram your thinking, but there’s much more to it than that. If you visualize a sports car, but have the belief that you’ll never get a car like that and your visualize will be completely fruitless. It’s hard to know if you harbor these contradicting beliefs. You can determine this by the way you feel when you visualize. If it feels genuinely good to visualize the sports car, and the whole visualization is uplifting, you’re doing it perfectly. Then again, it seems a bit disconnected and your visualization just doesn’t seem legit, you’ve just revealed some damaging beliefs.

The payments may seem totally impossible, which would point to a belief that states “I can’t afford a new car” that perception inevitable becomes your ongoing reality for as long as you hold it.

Visualization is an invaluable tool in manifestation, but it’s not the manifestation process itself.

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The Laws Of Attraction are Not A New Concept

The Laws Of Attraction, Picture Of An Ancient Book

Some people say “If the Laws of Attraction are in actual fact real laws, why hasn’t anyone identified them in the past? This is merely a “Insane new age craze”. The Laws of Attraction are far from new. They have been around since the start of, well, creation. They are arguably the oldest laws the Universe has ever known. The explanation as to why many people are finding out about them now, is because more and more people are becoming enlightened to them, or at least getting a peek at what they really are. More people are researching this information than ever before, and therefore, the Laws of Attraction must bring them more answers than ever before. There are more books written on this subject matter than we’ve ever before seen. Thanks to the advancement of the internet, people are able to find answers to their inquiries instantly.

The information is not “new”; we are merely asking for and able to obtain more understanding, and at a quicker pace than ever. Additionally, we are living in a time where most of us can talk about spiritual issues and Universal laws freely without fear of being burned at the stake. This has allowed the ideas of the Laws of Attraction to spread at an unparalleled pace.

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What do you have to do to make The Laws Of Attraction Work

The Laws Of Attraction, Picture Of A Women Meditating On The Beach

It’s a misnomer that you have to know how to use the Laws of Attraction for them to work. They are working weather you know it or not or even if you believe them or not. There is not a thing you have to do, or in fact can do to make the Laws of Attraction work. Just as there is nothing you have to do or can do to make gravity function. It just works. That’s why they are called Laws.

You generate your own reality. All of it. At every moment of your life. You can’t help it. Everything you see about you, every individual in your life, every little thing in your reality, is there in response to the vibration you offer. There’s nothing you have to do to make that process work, nor can you stop it. That’s why no one can claim that “it isn’t working for you.” It works automatically for everyone. The problem arises when people are manifesting by default, which often brings them situations they don’t really want, instead of creating intentionally. Your task is to always remember to create consciously, to consider just how powerful you really are. That’s all. And it’s not intended to be hard work. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

Thoughts And The Mind

The Laws Of Attraction, Picture Of A Women Thinking

Some people believe thoughts are dangerous, and that you have to control every thought you think. While it’s accurate that each thought has the energy to manifest, there are very important reasons why you don’t have to be frightened of your thoughts. One small thought doesn’t have much power. The power is generated by thinking the same thought over and over again, until it’s a true inner belief. The more you think a thought and believe it, the more it influences your vibration and it’s this vibration that captures your manifestations. The Laws of Attraction respond to your vibrations, not the words you’ve said or thought.

Secondary to that, we have this magnificent thing called time. There is a time barrier between giving out a vibration and obtaining the manifestation. And even though countless numbers of us regularly curse this time buffer, with our impatience to obtain the things we want, it is extremely useful. Things don’t happen instantly for a reason. You have time to discover if you’re nurturing any contradictory beliefs or are presenting a vibration that doesn’t really help your growth. Case in point, if you’re walking down the street and have a random thought “I hope I don’t get run over by a car”, you might remember hearing something about how the Universe and your subconscious don’t comprehend negative statements, and suddenly think with horror that you just submitted to the universe “I hope I get run over by a car” So, clearly you’d better draw that thought straight back in, or otherwise you’ll have an mishap. “WRONG”. If you have the thought “I hope I don’t get run over by a car” but you don’t shelter an fundamental belief that walking down the street is hazardous and there’s a very good chance that you’ll get run over, your vibration is definitely not going  to match you up with an accident. If your underlying belief is “I’m safe and secure”, you’ll be safe and secure.

However, if you do hold such a belief, formed by countless, thoughts about how you’re a victim, that easily gets into accidents, you read lots of news stories about how people get run over in accidents all the time and talk about those stories over and over again and so on, that one little thought has just given you a sign that you have an hidden underlying belief.  The point is, that even though your thoughts assist to form your vibration, which produces your reality, it is the vibration associated with the thought you have to pay consideration to. A random thought that means nothing to you isn’t going to generate a thing. But a thought that you accept and think over and over again, a thought you put a lot of focus on, will impact your vibration and that will manifest.

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