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Mistakenly Believing That Positive Thinking is Sufficient to Attract What You Desire

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Positive thinking takes place only on the conscious level, this is exactly why positive thinking isn’t enough to put into action The Laws Of Attraction. It’s essential for notion to enter the subconscious at the same time. ( Learn About Neural Linguistic Programming Here )

Your mind is continuously functioning on two levels, the conscious as well as the subconscious.The conscious mind is being given hundreds of bits of information of at any given moment from each of the five senses. This is an phenomenal volume of information to process, even from such an sophisticated instrument as the human brain. The mind would gradually go insane if it had to manage all of that information all of the time. Alternatively, the mind created the conscious mind, which functions as a filtering system to evaluate the information sent to it by the senses and preserve anything that it believes significant. Items that it doesn’t consider significant are passed along to the subconscious. It is the subconscious which will absorb this information, acting as the protector of repressed thoughts until eventually those memories are required once more.

It’s been a long held belief that the subconscious has a direct impact on the behavior and beliefs of the conscious mind. It’s sufficient enough to say that if the conscious mind is striving to think constructive thoughts while the subconscious preserves negative energy, the two will cancel each other out and the desired effect will not be achieved.

Feeling Impatient For Results

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The universe operates at its own rate, keep in mind, every action contains an equal and/or opposite reaction. It is crucial that the other environmental circumstances be right in order for an situation to manifest just as it should. This signifies that The Laws Of Attraction may possibly take weeks, months or even years to result in a successful reaction to the wants of an individual. Men and women of today’s society are spoiled; they desire what they desire and they desire it right now. A new concept that does not generate instant benefits is not going to be accepted with a great deal of approval.

On top of that, disbelieving in The Laws Of Attraction simply because they do not meet your established timline is a straightforward breach of the guidelines necessary to see positive effects in and of itself. You were only testing the laws in order to see if it will generate results. if you were convinced in their capabilities to produce the sought after results you would be happy to sit and wait, being fully aware of the fact that what you want most will come to you in time.

Having said that, the fact that you are not signifies that you do not have belief in their capabilities to bring about the required results. This implies that someplace in your being is a small grain of negative energy, sufficient enough to throw a spanner in the works of the whole process of positive attraction. Keep in mind, if you are vibrating unfavorable energy you will attract unfavourable energy back onto yourself.


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Let the universe perform! It is a possibility to become so focused on what you presume is going to happen that you manage to totally overlook the event when it happens if it does not occur in exactly the fashion you envisioned it would. As we’ve mentioned previously, the universe will select its own time and location for all thins to manifest, and these situations may take place via somewhat unconventional means. By predetermining precisely how you will receive the benefits which you are looking for you are taking away the option from the hands of the universe, which directs the ebbing and flowing of the energies of existence, and positioning yourself for a heavy fall.

If you take the ability to choose upon yourself you are basically suggesting that you do not have belief in the capabilities of The law Of Attraction to produce the sought after results in time. Once again, by setting your own schedule for events to take place, you will eventually come to disbelieve in The Laws Of Attraction ,[naturally, because it didn’t do what it was expected to, did it?], which will trigger your subconscious to emit the harmful energy which will drive the positive energy away.

Allowing Your Emotions to be Led by External Evidence “Let Your Heart Lead The Way”

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In order to enjoy the complete benefits of The Laws Of Attraction you need to trust that what you witness now is a outcome of what you have been attracting up to this point. Yet again, it is crucial that you recognize that what has taken place in your life to this present moment and what will take place later on is decided by you. Regardless of what successes or failures you have experienced, they have been the outcome of the energies that your thoughts and mind have emitted out into the ether/universe.

It is extremely easy to look at the occurrences over your lifetime and think, “I most certainly did not want that to take place. The Laws Of Attraction must be bogus for I would never wish for something so dreadful.” What you have to recognize is that, it is not always what your conscious self wishes for that impacts what your subconscious self is projecting.

You Must Remove Your Restrictive Thinking

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There Are Actually countless instances in which people fall into a self defeating pattern simply because they are not capable of controlling the thoughts and perspectives of their subconscious. A prevalent issue in opposition to The Laws Of Attraction is, “ Precisely why is there so much suffering on this planet if people have the capability to determine the events of their life?” No, such individuals have not chosen a life of hunger and servitude, nonetheless, due to their past, many of them do not actually believe that they have any alternative.

Such disbelief in their capacity to alter their circumstances simply because “ it’s just the way things are ” signifies that they will carry on living this way. Their subconscious goes on projecting that unbelief and harmful energy out into the ether/universe, attracting back damaging energy which will result in them continuing to live in this self destructive pattern of situations.

It is those individuals who have dared to dream, and believe in the opportunities provided by these dreams, who have enacted the biggest changes in the world. Do you think that if the settlers had actually believed that they would never be released of the British rule they would have been able to obtain victory in the revolutionary war? If Henry Ford had not truly believed that mankind could travel in a auto-mobile, do you believe that the Ford Model T could possibly have been conceived?

The elimination of limiting beliefs such as these is positively essential to the capability’s of The Laws of Attraction to work as they are intended to. When you truly feel that The Laws Of Attraction are not performing for you, simply take a moment to think about the things that you are desiring. Do you really believe that these situations can take place, or are you simply making idle wishes? Do you privately think that you have a “One in a Billion” chance of any of those things genuinely taking place?

To be able to project the positive vibes that are a necessary to draw the powers of the ether/universe to you, it is crucial that you be one hundred percent confidant in your potential to effect a change and be willing to imagine that all of the situations occurring up to that point have been essential prerequisites to bringing these events to be.

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