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Time And Quality Of Life

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Past And Present

Our past, weather good or bad, no longer defines who we are. And we start to see that our life, every aspect of our life, is only ever here and now, this very moment. We understand that no future event can make us happy, the only time we can feel happy is here and now because the here and now is all we have, and it’s all we’ve ever had. Past and future are only illusions of the mind. And to what degree past and future affect us will be in direct correlation to the quality of your life at this moment. If you dwell on past sufferings your life will suffer now. If you believe only the future can make you happy, you will suffer now. So we start to truly understand that this very moment “Now” is a precious gift and truly all that matters. We release the past completely. Give only practical thought to the future and dwell happily, here and now.

The Laws Of Attraction, Picture Of A Man Running From Time

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