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Your Mission In Commission

The Principles of Earning a 6 or 7 Figure Income Every Year

with Bob Proctor

8 Audio CDs

Includes the 40 page Seminar Manual

and a nice, attractive carry case

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Your Mission in Commission –

This program is designed for the commission sales person who wants to completely transform into a selling superstar! Ask yourself a question. “Why is it that some people in my office are so productive and are out earning all  the others by leaps and bounds?” further “Why is it that they are out earning me and I feel like I am working harder than they are?”

The answer is simple, they’re on a mission and you’re on a job!

As you begin this program you will begin to realize why it is that struggling sales people always struggle and superstars always stay on top and build all the time month after month and year after year. There are SIX BASIC CONCEPTS you must understand before you can join the superstars at the top and ONE FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT you must develop in order to earn large commissions.

Bob Proctor developed this comprehensive learning system through 30 years of trial and error, he himself used these principles to go from a modest wage to in excess of $1,000,000 annually and then much, much more.

As a commission sales person you know that you have an opportunity to set your own income, this is why you’re in sales. So, why is it that you aren’t able put more and more zeros in that check month after month? YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN THE EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU NEED AND MORE! Don’t expect this to happen by chance and don’t expect it to happen by learning tricky sales tactics.

This program is not about working harder and it is not about spending your Nights and  Saturdays making cold calls. It is about changing the way you think and act in each aspect of your life. It is about THINKING THE WAY THE TOP PRODUCERS THINK! You are setting these barriers and only you can make the slight alterations in order to begin to achieve the success you know is available in sales.

You’ll learn:

• 6 concepts you MUST understand before you will ever earn large commissions.

• How to let go of the past and start with a clean slate that allows you to choose EXACTLY how much you will earn.

• The one thing you MUST develop if you want to earn $100,000+ income while still enjoying your work.

• How to develop a “Magnificent Obsession” that makes your work fun and your commissions soar.

• The only 3 factors that determine how much money you earn – and why fewer than 1% of salespeople ever benefit from them.

• The PROVEN plan for earning six-figure commissions each and every year.

  • Six concepts that must be understood in order to be a 7 Figure Earner
  • How to let go of your past and concentrate on your future earnings
  • The ONE aspect you must develop in order to earn hundreds of thousands in sales
  • How to develop “The Magnificent Obsession” – it will make your work FUN
  • The 3 factors that are the fundamental foundation to your earning potential and why less than 2% of sales people ever benefit from them
  • How to do a detailed personal evaluation. Where am I? Where am I going?

This learning system includes 9 professionally recorded audio lessons, a Mission Card and your personal Mission in Commission Action Planning Workbook.

You know the money is there, you see others earning it, how much longer are you going to just wish for better results? The principles taught in this program are the only thing standing between you and your dream income. Think back to your first few days in sales. You were creative, you were learning, you were optimistic about the future! Where did that go? Why is every day a struggle now?

You will get these answers in this course and you will begin loving life and work once again!

“The Mission in Commission program is literally a career saver for me. I have paid thousands for training, seminars and selling techniques throughout the years. I finally became so frustrated I almost quit my sales position at xxxxxxx and took a $14/hr customer service job at a friend’s company. Oddly enough, my son’s hockey team mate introduced me to his mother and she suggested I look at Bob Proctor’s system. It was like she could see the frustration in my face, she probably could! That was approximately 7 months ago. I am happy to say that in the last 5 months I have earned more money than I earned ALL of last year. I have catapulted form #33 (of 35) in my company to #2 and the top spot is in my sight. I need to thank the great people that created this program, it is one of a kind.” Michelle Schultz

Every salesperson knows the opportunity is there, but it must be brought to the surface in a systematic and developmental learning program. You will be referring this program to everyone at your company within a few weeks. The investment is minimal and the time commitment is nominal however, the RESULTS are Life Changing!

If you ask the top people why they are at the top, most of them have no clue. When Top Producers engage this course they suddenly realize what made them Successful! They are then able to build on their past success in ways they didn’t know were possible!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, what could possibly hold you back from creating the life and the income you know you deserve?

STEP 1 – Understand that You are here for a reason.

STEP 2 – Take action!

STEP 3 – Study this information in your spare time and stay in touch with Phil Cicio on your progress.

STEP 4 – Go out and GET IT!

Begin Your Mission in Commission today.

Success is achieved by working in harmony (not against) the Laws of Compensation. Simply ask the world’s first recorded billionaire:

“There is a law of compensation through the operation of which a person may establish his own relationship with life, including the material possessions he accumulates. There is no escape from the existence of the reality of this law, for it is not a man made law.” Andrew Carnegie

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