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Bob Proctor’s Success Series
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Bob Proctor…For over 4 decades Bob Proctor has focused his attention on the study of human potential, coaching thousands of people worldwide on how to better improve their results.  Bob has earned recognition around the globe as an educator, business consultant, convention speaker and highly successful entrepreneur. 

There’s One Secret To Accumulating Personal Success !


We all have power within us that is far superior to any condition or circumstance around us. With free will, our thoughts direct this power to whatever results we choose in our lifetime.  In other words, what we think about we create.  When we think and do things in a certain way, we achieve the results we want.


There is a secret to creating success in your life.  But, you aren’t going to find it in books or classrooms. In fact, every self-made millionaire on this planet will tell you: “school isn’t ever going to teach you how to make money”.  Yet ordinary people from all walks of life have uncovered the secret to greater abundance and a successful life.  And that same, singular secret can be yours . . . all within these 12 seminar audio sessions.

Consistent productivity is the cause of extraordinary success. 
t is the expression of sound habitual behavior.

Bob Proctor’s 40+ years of in-depth research into the lives and behavior of wealthy people
has clearly indicated that every one of these
people had developed their abilities in specific areas.

He further found that these areas guided their lives and produced unprecedented results.
 This remarkable series distills and
combines ancient wisdom, the immutable laws of nature
and the habits and techniques of modern achievers into this comprehensive program.

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The Bob Proctor Success Series contains 12 Dynamic Seminar Sessions as follows:


SUCCESS This session distills and combines ancient wisdom, the immutable laws of nature and the habits and techniques of modern achievers.


DECISION… You will become a fast, accurate, bold decision maker from the proper use of this session. Your decision making process will increase and thus, your success 


RISK… This powerful risk message will cause you to peel off layers of insecurity others have wrapped you in. You will experience a new feeling of freedom.


PERSISTENCE…  will assist you in strengthening that quality that every person possesses. Persistence is a constant growth.


RESPONSIBILITY … As you internalize this liberating message, you will develop an ever-increasing good feeling about yourself. You will love listening to this tape. 


CONFIDENCE … Watch yourself develop “strength with style”. Confidence in your own ability will improve everything in your life.


ACTION… This session contains information that will provide the trigger to fire you into action.


MONEY … Shower your mind with the same concepts that wealthy people have studied and applied for years. This session helps you change your results. You will begin to watch your income grow!


GOALS … The message in this session will inspire you to begin setting goals that are truly worthy of the infinite potential that you possess. 


ATTITUDE … You will become one of the very few people who truly understand what attitude is. 


CREATIVITY … Creativity is the free expression of the life force flowing to and through you. This marvelous message will move you into an entirely new dimension of life. You will truly feel reborn.


COMMUNICATION … This lesson teaches you how to effectively communicate heart to heart.  Great communication is truly integral to your success in every area of your life, from your relationships to success in your business or career


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