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What is the Philosophy of the Laws of Attraction?


                The way of thinking behind The Laws Of Attraction is the idea that energy attracts like energy in the wide expanse of space and time that incorporates our universe. Every single individuals being is continuously radiating energy out into space; the kind of energy being radiated is decided by the psychological and mental state of the particular person in question and may vary from day to day-occasionally even hour to hour!

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                This psychological and mental energy is what is often times recognized as a “vibe” and is referred to as a vibration by scientific researchers investigating The Laws Of Attraction. It’s quite possible that you are acquainted with the phrase. Maybe you have been with somebody who is so joyful they appear to be radiating a “glow which in turn inspires joy and happiness in all those about them? In the same way, have you ever spent time with somebody who was so critical and miserable that they continuously sent off a “negative vibe” which appeared to draw the life and joy and happiness out of all those about them?

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                You do not have to acquire clairvoyant powers to be able to experience the vibes that individuals send out; this energy is very significant on a psychological plane and will impact anybody, anyplace at any time. Our vibrations are commonly an involuntary reaction to some form of environmental provocation; a specific thing has occurred which has triggered us to feel joyful, or sorrowful, or worried, or overwhelmed, or stressed, etc., and our unconscious response to this (due to the fact vibes are created and projected from the subconscious instead of the conscious) is one thing that is outside our control. It’s likely that the individual who is giving off a unfavourable vibe does not choose to be miserable, nor do they wish to bring upon their misery on all those around them by the straight forward fact of their presence.

                Generally there are a range of emotions which result in positive and negative vibes being given off, and it is crucial before we carry on any form of dialogue about The Laws Of Attraction that you understand what each of these are..

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Uplifting Vibes

Uplifting vibes are developed from good feelings, such as:

             Happiness

             Love

             Enjoyment

             Abundance [of anything that causes a beneficial reaction]

             Great Pride

             Comfort And Ease

             Self Confidence

             Passion

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Damaging Vibes

Damaging vibes are developed from detrimental feelings, such as:

             Frustration

             Loneliness

             Lack [of any of life’s basics or luxuries]

             Sadness

             Stress And Confusion

             Anxiety

             Rage

             Suffering


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