A Meditation Technique


Meditation is key to spiritual Awakening, with the ultimate gaol being, to be in a permanent state of meditation. Not permanently seated in the lotus position in meditation, but maintaining a meditative state at all times. Spiritual awakening is a permanent connection to your higher power and this is achieved through meditation. True meditation is a silencing of the mind. To become one with your inner observer, the one that listens to the mind. When we become this observer we recognise and re-establish our connection to creation and thus super charge our ability to create with The Laws Of Attraction.

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One technique of silencing the mind through meditation is to observe the breath. Feeling the breath entering the body and exiting the body, feeling the chest rise with the in breath and lower with the out breath, hold your attention solely on the breath. Find yourself a comfortable position, preferably seated holding good posture, a straight back so as not to get too relaxed. Take a couple of deep breaths and observe the breath. At first it can be difficult to hold your concertation to the breath. The Mind has a tendency to wander, when this happens simply recognise your mind has wondered and return to the breath.

With time your attention will deepen and you will be able to hold to the breath for longer periods. It’s easy to become frustrated when we lose concentration on the breath, but vitally important not to react negatively to this. Just recognise that your mind has wondered (Be ok with that) and bring your attention back to the breath. Try not to hold any mental images of the body during mediation, just concentrate on the feelings rather than any images that pop up. If images do appear just recognise them as images, let them go and return to the breath. Start Out With 15 Minutes and as your consciousness deepens slowly extend the time to 20 minutes or half an hour.

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Be warned, Meditation is highly addictive. Once you’ve practised meditation, felt and experienced the differences it has made to your entire life, it becomes nearly impossible to quite.*

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