Laws of Attraction Explained

The Laws Of Attraction

Envision for a minute that you have in your control a resource of perfect and total power. You single-handedly can control the warmth of the sun, the downfall of the rain, the change of the tides and the movement of the winds. Just what might you do with this kind of potential? Would you misuse it triggering the world to slide into utter pandemonium? Would you be benevolent and compassionate, utilizing your force to assist the men and women of your planet to accomplish their supreme potential?

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Fortunately, there is absolutely no way for a individual to have that great a power. Mother Nature manages the terrestrial processes in accordance with her own laws and her own designs. One would never be able to have express influence over the atmosphere you are inhabiting.

What if you could, nevertheless, have the power to decide the course of your own existence? What if you could achieve fantastic things and gain great wealth just by utilizing the power of your very own mind? What if I informed you that this does not have to be a “what if?” What if I informed you that you presently have in your mind a force to chart the course of the remainder of your lifetime on whichever course you see fit?

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Likelihood is you would inform me that I had clearly been watching too much science fiction and needed to get out of the house considerably more often, not to point out my obvious need to broaden my vocabulary, taking into consideration the amount of instances I have used “what if” in this discussion. You would be mistaken (about the science fiction, in any event). Every individual holds in their mind the force to shape the situations of their existence to accomplish whatever end they see fit. This force is what is known as The Laws Of Attraction.

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The notion held by numerous theorists is that the universe is dictated by a set of universal laws; these laws can’t be altered, are not able to be broken and apply to every human being, irrespective of age or nationality. Such laws are the riverbanks which steer the stream of their lives on its voyage to its supreme conclusion. The laws of attraction are such laws. The laws of attraction are the understanding that individuals can decide their fate through the force of their own minds.

         “I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, weather positive or negative”. – Michael Losier


          “The Law Of Attraction Is This: You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are”. – Dr. Wayne Dyer


A Background of the Laws of Attraction


                Prior to going deeper into the contemporary applications of the laws of attraction it is essential that you comprehend that this is not merely “New Age” rubbish.  The principles of the laws of attraction date back far further than the new found appeal of the New Age movement.

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                The amaranthine ( Eternally beautiful and unfading; everlasting )Buddha was in fact one of the very first to teach man about the laws of attraction. He said, “What you have become is what you have thought.” This was a concept that the men and women of the east were familiarized with for hundreds of years before it commenced to sweep across the western hemisphere.


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